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Story behind Latter-day Breakout

Escape rooms are my hobby. I enjoy the mental challenge and thrill of the escape!  I also enjoy sharing the bonding, team-building experience with my family and others.

After playing several escape rooms in the Kansas City area, I was determined to design and construct an escape room for our LDS youth joint activity. I recruited a few creative and committed youth leaders (including my understanding & loving wife) to create the adventure.  After a month of brainstorming and construction sessions, the room was ready for beta testing.


In October 2015, we ran the first session of Latter-day Breakout for our youth joint activity. We built three identical room sets and ran the rooms at the same time with the players racing against the timer and the other groups. It was a huge success!  The youth loved the unique and creative activity.

Success of Latter-day Breakout

The word spread quickly of the successful escape room activity. Thanks to the blog of our Young Women's President  (Shelley Beatty's blog), many others have learned of the activity. 

Latter-day Breakout has been played over 1000 times in the last four years including joint activities, youth conference, date nights, camp fundraisers, family activities and friend groups. I receive several emails a week from others wanting to construct the room design or looking for ideas to build their own.  We have helped others construct their own version of our room design in Hawaii, Georgia, California, Florida, Idaho, Arizona, Brazil, Australia, Canada and many other locations.

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