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Camp Wanna-Breakout


This escape room adventure is captured in a YW's camp box.  The puzzles are designed to build leadership, teamwork and review outdoor skills.  This escape room can be played outside or inside. The design is easily replicated. The entire escape experience is enclosed in a small box - a young camper's camp box.

The room design incorporates the following goals for YW Camp:

- Team building

- Leadership

- Communication

- Outdoor skills reviewed -  fire starting, knots, poisonous plant, first aid, compass

Escape time:    60 min.

Success rate:   60%

Room plays:     80+

Max # of players:   8


Rent room box: 

Pleasant Grove, UT - 10 sets

Vernal, UT - 6 sets

Rent & mail box:  Not an option

Purchase room design:  $10

Cost of materials:  $75 for low cost version, $175 for full version  (both included in download)

Time to construct:   About 5 hours

Highlights of room design:  5 locks, 13 puzzles

Linear vs. multi-path design:  Multi-path


It's YW summer camp!  Lori was assigned to bring treats to celebrate the end of camp. Her loving and protective mother worried about the treats being taken by camp raccoons or a hungry camper. She heavily protected the camp treats with a network of puzzles and locks.  Help Lori find and unlock the treat bag! You have 60 mins!


Materials List:

Puzzle preview:

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