To solve poison plant guide
  1. Use the Plant Guide, compass (velcro’d in back of guide) and the Itch Stick (in the First Aid kit)

  2. Open the Itch Stick and twist up the middle dowel

  3. It reveals a list of 5 bearings or directions

  4. Identify the poisonous plant in the guide

  5. Use the old YW camp manual - pg. 58 to help identify the poisonous plant

  6. Use the compass in the back of the Plant Guide - pull off the page

  7. The numbers on the Itch Stick are directions or bearings shown on the compass - for example 360 is straight up.

  8. Start at the green triangle

  9. Move up the plant stem in the direction of the first number until the next junction

  10. Use the second number and move up the plant in that direction

  11. Repeat for the next three numbers

  12. What two digit code do you end on?

  13. Use as part of the Hiking path puzzle