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Backpack Break-in


This escape room adventure is best played outdoors!  The creative puzzles incorporate items that are typically found in a camper's backpack.  Can you get to the emergency signals held within the pack?


Escape time:    60 min.

Success rate:   40%

Room plays:     80+

Max # of players:   10 players


Rent room box:  $40

Pleasant Grove, UT - 4 sets

Vernal, UT - 3 sets


Rent & mail room box:

Not available. The pack is too heavy and bulky to mail at reasonable cost


Purchase room design:  NA

Highlights of room design:  12 locks, 13 puzzles



You and your group are hiking an aggressive day hike.  You have ascended the mountain, had your lunch and are on your way back to the parking lot at the ranger station.  After a long day of hiking, a member of your hiking group hurts his/her leg and progress slows dramatically. You did not bring tents or flash lights for your day hike.  Dusk is falling quickly. At your pace, you will not make it back to the cars before dark and you would rather not spend a cold night on the trail. The injured hiker has stopped progressing. While searching for come upon an abandoned backpack with an emergency signal inside.  You know if you can notify the ranger station before it closes in one hour you can get the ranger’s attention. Hurry and find the signals so you can be rescued!


Materials List:   not available


Download page (NA)

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