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We enjoyed creating, constructing and operating the Camp Wanna-breakout mobile escape room!  We worked diligently to create an escape room that is easy to replicate. We are glad to share it with those interested in building their own room for their YW camp or other activity.

1.  Purchase the room design:  $10 to download


2. The order confirmation includes a password to access the Download Page

3.  Enter the Download Page (password required) to access to the following items:

  • Construction Manual

  • Materials & Equipment List w/ approx. cost

  • Setup Manual

  • Answer sheet

  • Templates for several of the puzzles (13 templates)

  • Orientation presentation

  • Activity invitations

The design of Camp Wanna-breakout is available for download.

Purchase room design:   $10

Construct your own escape box

Sample of Downloads

Construction Manual (partial)

First 7 pages

The Construction Manual is 34 pages and outlines in detail how to build and construct the escape room

Camp Wanna-breakout

Materials list

Puzzle preview

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