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The design of the Mission: Apartment Breakout is available for download.

Purchase room design:   $10

Construct your own escape box

Sample of Downloads

Construction Manual (partial)

First 6 pages

The Construction Manual is 39 pages and outlines in detail how to build and construct the escape room

We enjoyed creating, constructing and operating the Mission: Apartment Breakout mobile escape room.  We are glad to share it with those interested in building their own room for their family or youth group.

1.  Purchase the room design:   $10 to download


2. The order confirmation includes a password to access the Download Page

3.  Enter the Download Page (password required) to access to the following items:

  • Construction Manual

  • Materials & Equipment List w/ approx. cost

  • Setup Manual

  • Answer sheet

  • Templates for several of the puzzles (13 templates)

  • Orientation presentation

  • Activity invitations

Coin templates

2 pages

Print on clear address labels, cut and attach to the gold and silver painted wood discs.

Mission: Apt. Breakout

Materials list

Puzzle preview

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