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Rent a room box

Complete the following steps to reserve an escape room box:

    1)  Reserve / book the room rental

     Verify that the room box is available for your desired date.  Secure the booking first!

Utah - Pleasant Grove


Tami or Adam

up to 4 rental packs available

Utah - Vernal



up to 3 rental packs​

    2) Payment options:

                1.   Book / schedule the room first!

                2.  Purchase rental on this site using PayPal or

                3.  Use email PayPal payment to or

                4.  Submit a check before the rental or at time of rental pickup or

                5.  Pay cash at time of rental pickup

    3) Prepare for your escape activity

               1.   Send reminders the week of the the activity. Build up the escape adventure. They will enjoy it!

               2.  Prepare for a good time!

    4) Setting up the room


Setting up each backpack takes less than a minute.  Simply place the backpack and hiking stick on a on the grass or next to a table.

The room box includes everything you need to setup the escape room for your family or church group:

  • Room box with all components, locks, puzzles, items for the escape

  • Timer

  • Setup manual

  • One-page answer sheet

  • Scenario summary

How many room boxes do I need?


The ideal number of players in the room is 5 or 6.  The maximum number we recommend for a room is 10. If there are more than 10 in the room, players become disinterested, disengaged and even distracting.

Operating multiple rooms at the same time adds to the escape thrill. Not only are the players racing against the 60 minute timer, but also the other teams.  Rent an extra room for the adult advisors!

Can I play the room if I set it up?


Yes, all elements are included within the backpack.  There is no advantage or hints given during setup.

Monitoring the room play


The 'brick and mortar' escape rooms utilize a gamemaster or monitor with the role of host, watching the group, providing hints and troubleshooting problems during game play.  Usually, the monitor watches the players using security cameras in a control room. With a mobile room, it is a challenge to monitor the room without an elaborate setup.

We came up with an innovative way for the group to obtain hints on their own. The room includes QRcodes on each puzzle and near each lock. When players are stuck, they simply scan the QRcode on the item for a hint/clue. More is explained in the setup manual.  It is recommended that at least one person still monitor the room(s) for youth groups with the one page answer sheet in the event that an item doesn't work or the group gets stuck.

Backpack Break-in

The rental of the Backpack Break-in is available in select areas.

Cost of rental:   $40 per box

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