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Mission: Apartment



This escape room adventure is captured in a missionary apartment.  The puzzles include items found in a missionary apartment.  The room is LDS themed and is best played indoors such as a church classroom or home family room. This is the original room design.

Escape time:  60 min.

Success rate:  50%

Room plays:  800+

Max. # of players:  8


Rent room box:

Not available

Rent & mail room box: 

Not available. The room includes a tote box and suitcase which makes it difficult to mail. 


Purchase room design:  $10

Cost of materials:  $110 for low cost version, $216 for full version  (both in design)

Time to construct:   About 30 hours  (lots of crafty work)

Highlights of design:  11 locks, 14 puzzles

Linear vs. multi-path room design:  Multi-path


You are missionaries living in an older apartment building.  You leave for a teaching appointment and realize that you forgot something. You rush back into the apartment to retrieve the item….and the door locks behind you!  It is an old, fidgety and unpredictable door lock with a four digit code.

The missionaries who lived in the apartment before you, knew the code, but of course they didn’t want to make it easy on you.  They hid clues and hints in the room that will eventually lead to solving the final code and free you from the apartment.

Hurry!  Your teaching appointment starts in one hour.  Can you make it on time?


Materials List:

Puzzle preview:

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