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Download Room Designs

build your own escape room

Download Pages

Mission: Apt. Breakout

Complete the following steps to download an escape room design:

1)  Purchase the room design

  • Purchase the desired room design in the Shop

  • Learn more about the room designs:

Mission: Apartment Breakout

Camp Wanna-breakout

Backpack Break-in

  • Select the room design

  • Make online payment through PayPal


2)  Download instructions page

  • After purchase, you will be prompted to download a PDF page of instructions

  • The instructions include a passcode

  • The instructions direct you to the download page

3)  Enter the download page for the room design

  • The download pages are password protected

  • Enter the passcode

  • Occasionally, the first click on the link does not work 

  • Click on the download page link again


4)  Begin the room design downloads

  • Start with the Construction Manual

  • Download all the templates, pictures, items, etc.

  • Construct the room per the instructions or make adjustments

Backpack Break-in

(download not available)

We enjoyed creating, constructing and operating the rooms.  Glad we can share it with you and your family / youth group.

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