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One of the Top 5

"I have played over 30 escape rooms. Latter-day Breakout is a strong and creative room design with innovative and challenging puzzles. It ranks in the top five of my escape experiences.  Our youth did the rooms for a combined Halloween youth activity and it was a major success."

    - Dave - Raytown, MO

Family fun

"Our family played the breakout room and had so much fun!!!  It was something our whole family could do together in our home —2 adults and 4 kids ages 10-17.  We highly recommend it!"

    - Ben - Iola, KS

Completely blown over...this was big time

"We did Latter-day Breakout for our joint activity last night; Wow! I was expecting a cheaply put together challenge. Well, I was completely blown over. This was big time! Several of our youth had done breakout rooms before and were just as pleased with this one!

Would i recommend using them? 100 times over, yes! Now I'm just waiting for them to create a new one so we can have them back! And next time, we'll get a leader room going!"

     - Kyrsten -  Kansas City, MO

Couldn't stop talking about how clever the puzzles were

"We played the Latter-day Breakout room for date night with 3 other couples and it was so much fun!! The game was easy to set up, and hard enough to make it challenging for 6 adults. After we finished, we couldn't stop talking about how clever the puzzles were and impressed with the thought and creativeness. We have paid significantly more money to do breakout rooms elsewhere that didn't compare. We would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun date night, mutual activity, birthday party, FHE, or mostly anything really!"

     - Jen -  Provo, UT

5 out of 5 stars!  Very good activity

"This activity is great for any youth group or family. I will be a lifetime customer. The puzzles were interesting, but not too hard, and engaged everyone in our group. It is great for everyone, no matter smarts, experience, or activity in the Church. Very good activity. 5/5 stars."  

      - Daniel -  Salt Lake City

Unique and fun @ youth conference

"Our kids played the room as part of youth conference, and all the youth loved it!  So unique and fun, but also challenging.  Everyone will love it!"

    - Jen - Iola, KS

Puzzles were really clever

"We tried the Latter-day breakout room for a combined young men/ young women activity. We were nervous because no one from our group had done an escape room before, but it took about 30 seconds in the room before the youth got really into it and got excited to escape. All the puzzles and clues were really clever and well thought out. The room really forces the kids to work and collaborate together in a way they don't typically do. Several kids wondered when they could do it again. It was a definite hit with our ward and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and engaging activity."

    - Jake -  Lindon, UT

Increase unity of our YW group

"They did an amazing job of putting together the breakout room. We have been looking for ways to increase the unity of our Young Women group and this was a great activity for that. The Young Women and leaders had a great time. Everyone was gushing about it afterwards and it is definitely one for the history books."  

      - Hannah -  Parkville, MO

Working together as a team

"This was a great activity! My favorite part was working together as a team in order to figure out how to escape. This would be a fun activity to have for a teenager's or adult's birthday party.."  

      - Tammy -  Kansas City, MO

Best time ever....epic activity!

"The 45 YW of our ward had the best time ever & said it was an epic activity! Thank you!  Three days later we pulled it off again for our ward adult valentines party. The adults went crazy for it! Your plans & instructions are amazing."  

      - Camille -  Las Vegas

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