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Can you escape this room?  This LDS-themed escape room features challenging puzzles within a disguised missionary apartment. The escape experienced is mobile and designed to be played in a church or home. With over 800 room plays, this room has been used at youth activities, stk youth conf's, FHE, RS activities & family reunions.

Looking for a creative activity for YW Camp? This escape room adventure is captured in a girl's camp box.  The puzzles are designed to build leadership, teamwork and review outdoor skills. The escape experience can be played outside or inside. Design is easily replicated to construct your own room.


You and your fellow hikers find an abandoned backpack on the trail. Can you break-in to the pack and locate the emergency signals?  This escape room features challenging puzzles created from items found in a camper's backpack. The escape experience is mobile and best played outside.

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